Welcome to Hachijo Is, diving service Passione of Hachijo island.

The staff can speak English only a little.
It makes an effort to enjoy it.
Please understand.


・It keeps diving in Hachijo island all the year round.
・Because the investigation diving is not lacked, information is always the latest.
・Point information and living thing's knowledge of the staff also who is the photo diver are abundant.
・The fan will dive slowly.
・The beginner also very welcomes it.
・The experience scuba diving is a very welcome.

・The boat diving also peacefully : by an exclusive boat.
・I will meet and send it off to the airport and the hotel as much as possible.
・Please consult about arrangements of the hotel and the rent-a-car.
・I will meet and send it off to the hot spring as much as possible.
・I will do a prior keeping of tools and materials.
・The credit card can be used to adjust the diving commodity. 


Please everyone must use externals.

Price list

Guide diving
One beach guide \6,000

Two beach guide \11,000
Three beach guide \16,500


Experience diving
Course \12,000 at half a day


Diving \6,000 early morning

Diving \7,000 at night
Refreshing diving \7,000

Embarkation fee \3,150 (Once).

Lunch \840
The full rental \6,000/

The BC regulator \4,000/

The BC/regulator/suit each \2,000/


PADI diving school
Each course can be held. Please inquire.

Reservation & question




Scuba diving menu

 fun diving

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Dive Log




About Hachijo island


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Hachijo Is. diving service Passione

4436-16 Oogagou Hachijo-machi

Hachijo-jima tokyo-to

100-1401 JAPAN




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